AchieveMore Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy is aimed at establishing the commitment relationships with the personal information privacy of your customers. By using the ACHIEVEMORE application and services, the user agrees with the terms set out in this policy.

Covered Domains

This policy applies to domain and its subdomains.

Information Collected / Use of Information

For each user customer who accesses our solution, an ACHIEVEMORE automatically recognizes the visitor's domain, browser type and operating system, browser default language, IP and associated demographic information, and the log of sessions visited, activities performed and times of stay. This information is used only for internal demands, for the purposes of security management and analysis and improvement of the services provided by ACHIEVEMORE to its customers. ACHIEVEMORE also collects registration information of its users, such as name, company name, e-mail and cell phone, according to the content specified with the customer, at the time of contracting the service. This information is used for the communication and notification features contained in the solution. This information may also be used in receiving marketing communications and other ACHIEVEMORE communications. Information on how to disable the content received by ACHIEVEMORE can be found in the COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES section of this document.

Sharing of Collected Information

ACHIEVEMORE may share the data collected about its users with the Company's service providers, to ensure the quality of the information provided. Except as described in this Privacy Policy, ACHIEVEMORE does not share, sell, rent or exchange any information with third parties for promotional purposes. ACHIEVEMORE can partner with other companies to jointly offer products and services. If the customer acquires or expresses specific interest in one of these products or services, ACHIEVEMORE may share their collected information, in association with their purchase or expression of interest in the services with our partner(s). ACHIEVEMORE does not control how our business partners use the customer data we collect. Such use will be based on their own Privacy Policies. If the Customer does not wish to have their data shared in this way, they must avoid acquiring or expressing specific interest in any of these products or services offered together. ACHIEVEMORE reserves the right to use or disclose the information provided if required by law or if it has reasons to believe that such use or disclosure is necessary to protect their rights and/or comply with any legal procedure, court order or judicial claim.

Retention of Collected Information

The personal information of the user and all information collected linked to their account will be retained as long as the service provision relationship between ACHIEVEMORE and the Customer is active. At the end of a contractual relationship between ACHIEVEMORE and the Customer, all the information provided, as well as the outputs generated through these, will be made available to the Customer.

Navigation Information

To capture the non-registration information used by the application, ACHIEVEMORE uses browser cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies. Browser cookies are generated by the user's own browser containing their demographic and browser information with each session initiated. Session cookies only last for one session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser software or turn off your device. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser or turn off your device. All cookies used, whether session or persistent, contain encrypted information that allows us to uniquely identify you. Cookies are required to access our services. User registration information is provided by the user and/or customer to which it belongs.

Communication Preferences

ACHIEVEMORE offers Clients and Visitors who provide contact information a means of choosing how ACHIEVEMORE should use the information provided. The Client can manage its receipt of marketing and other communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe here” link located at the bottom of ACHIEVEMORE's marketing emails. In addition, you can send a request specifying your communication preferences to The receipt of emails regarding notifications and application features can be managed by the user through their ACHIEVEMORE account, in the Alerts section.

Information security

Information security is a priority for ACHIEVEMORE. Therefore, we have a Security Policy that implements technical, physical and administrative measures in order to guarantee the protection of the information used in the application:

These measures include:Human resources security policies: among the measures adopted are the signing of the ACHIEVEMORE Confidentiality Policy by all its employees and the adoption of an Access Levels Policy that ensures that only authorized key employees have access to the data centers they supply and host the application;

Hosting security: our services are installed in high quality data centers, certified with international data security standards (ISO27001, ISO27002 and SSAE16). Data centers are equipped with devices that cover physical protection measures, environmental controls, energy and disaster recovery plan;

Operational security: ACHIEVEMORE follows rigorous updating and maintenance processes, ensuring the continuity of service and the integrity of the information disclosed, in addition to keeping records and documentation of all these routines;

Security in information traffic: ACHIEVEMORE has certifications that guarantee secure transmission protocols and sessions, in addition to perimeter firewalls and state-of-the-art routers, and encrypted login and password storage;

The full Security Policy, which contains details of the measures adopted by ACHIEVEMORE, can be consulted in the Achievemore Security Policy document.

Use of Images/ Photographs

Any image/ photo used on this site/ application is prohibited for download, republication, retransmission, reproduction or other purposes.

Information contained in Public Forums

ACHIEVEMORE may provide lists or blogs on its websites. All personal information that the User User submits to this type of forum may be read, collected or used by its visitors, including to send you unsolicited messages. ACHIEVEMORE is not responsible for the personal information that the User Customer decides to submit to these forums. ACHIEVEMORE may publish on its websites a list of Clients and testimonials that contain information such as names and positions of these clients. ACHIEVEMORE obtains the consent of each of these Customers before disclosing testimonials or any information on this list.

Notification of Policy Changes

ACHIEVEMORE reserves the right to change this policy whenever deemed necessary. In the event of any change, the User Clients will be notified 30 (thirty) business days prior to the entry into force.


In case of questions related to the ACHIEVEMORE Privacy Policy, the user customer can get in touch through the channel

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